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Welcome to my photo site!

Here you will find a comprehensive selection of my best images of birds. The aim of this website is to provide an extensive collection of images of birds of the Western Palearctic. Most images are taken in Italy, mainly in Tuscany where I live; others during trips abroad.

Although most of the photos are of Western Palearctic birds, a few others show species from outside its boundaries. In any event, all photos are of wild, unrestrained animals.

New photos are added regularly: click on Galleries and then on Photo Diary to see the latest images. The Image library gallery contains all the bird images archived in systematic order.

Many more photos are not on display, so please contact me if you have a particular request.

All photos are copyrighted and cannot be used for any purpose without permission. They are available for publishing or other uses, in high resolution, high quality TIFF or JPEG. For every informations or If you are interested in buying one or more photos you can find all the necessary instructions on the Contacts page.

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